Custom Computers & Server Specialists

CSS ZAFCO is noted as a company that specializes in manufacturing custom computer and server configurations to meet the varied and demanding specifications of government, industry, healthcare, education, business and consumers alike.
The CSS Brand Since 1983

The CSS brand was established in Canada in 1983 and quickly secured a reputation as an outstanding name in computer technology. In the early eighties many companies and individuals were using computers for the first time. Thousands of individual Canadians and thousands of Canadian based corporations, government departments, educational institutions chose the CSS brand as their very first choice in a PC computer.
CSS As A Pioneer Computer Manufacturer

Unlike many companies that have recently jumped on the technological bandwagon , CSS ZAFCO has been part of 17 years of computer history and evolution . During that relatively long time, our company has been directly and indirectly involved in, at many different levels, setting the standard and direction for the computer industry. From this vast and long experience as a computer manufacturer, what is really important to customers in offering an up-to-date computer product.
CSS Zafco Corporation Carries On The Tradition

Today the CSS ZAFCO brand proudly carries on the tradition of the CSS Computer name as leader in quality and reliability in computer technology. The CSS ZAFCO brand now shines in popularity among Canadian institutions and consumers
Subtleties Of “Custom Built” Computers & Servers

Companies can assemble components to produce a “custom” computer configuration. However, many do not have the experience, insight, expertise and background to recognize the important subtleties of individual component design and their bottom line integrated effectiveness. CSS ZAFCO knowledge in component integration can make the difference between a highly effective or a poorly performing computer.
No large Inventories Of Older Products

For the most part computer companies like Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, HP etc. use exactly the same components to build their computers used by CSS ZAFCO and visa versa. There are, however, unique drawbacks for these other component integrators. Large manufacturers must keep large separate and integrated component inventories. Sometimes these inventories sell out and sometimes they don’t. When they don’t, these manufacturers have a vested interest in eliminating these excess inventories by integrating these less than up-to-date components into their current systems. The result is, without the purchaser realizing, a product poorer in performance level than it could be. CSS ZAFCO does not obtain components until a computer or server is ordered by the customer. This absolutely guarantees that a CSS ZAFCO integration of components is the most up-to-date. CSS ZAFCO will never try to sell its customers anything less than the most state-of-the-art integrated and stand-alone products.
Rhetoric And Reality; Hype vs. Fact

Potential computer purchasers can be overwhelmed by the clamor of component and computer manufacturers -all pointing out that theirs is best! CSS ZAFCO prides itself on giving timely, honest and accurate, informed advice about computer needs? CSS ZAFCO is constantly tuned in to the almost daily advances in component technology. At CSS ZAFCO our commitment is to always know the difference between hype and fact; to always know the difference between the rhetoric and reality and to always point out these differences to our customers.
A Superior Product, Personalized Service And Great Pricing

We believe, because of our knowledge, experience and an on-demand business philosophy we can offer more attention to detail and flexibility, resulting in a superior integrated product. Besides a superior product, we know our customers want competitive pricing and the best personalized, before and after purchase, service. At CSS ZAFCO CORPORATION we are committed to these objectives for all our customers. We believe that with a superior product, personalized service and great pricing we can achieve the very best level of customer satisfaction.
Our Mission

1) To create the highest quality custom built computers and servers with components that result in the highest possible integrated effectiveness for our customer’s needs.
2) To sell only those third party products that in our opinion maximize productivity of our customer computer configurations and applications.
3) To always offer experienced, educated, expert and up-to-date advice to our customers.
4) To give the very best after purchase customer service.
Evan S. Freedman, President